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Luxury homes for sale and for rent in Israel

Neot Shiran, being Israel's leading luxury home marketing agency, offers a wide variety of luxurious properties in the country's most desirable locations.

Whether the transaction at hand pertains to houses and villas for rent or for sale in Herzliya Pituah; penthouses, houses for conservation, villas and apartments for sale in Tel-Aviv; villas and houses for sale in Kfar Shmaryahu; or lots, villas and luxury homes for sale in Western Ramat HaSharon; our team of experts specializes in marketing luxury properties worth over NIS 10M.

The company offers a wide variety of luxury properties, some of which exclusively. Neot Shiran's wealth of experience in marketing luxury homes has propelled it to the forefront of Israel's luxury homes market, including mansions, beautiful villas, luxury houses and penthouses for sale in the country's most desirable locations. Adhering to international standards and offering a customer experience that's all about confidence, peace of mind and effective solutions that meet both expectations and needs, are the things that have positioned the company at the heart of many private real estate transactions in Israel exceeding NIS 10M.

As mentioned above, the company predominantly focuses on marketing the most luxurious homes in Israel, usually located in the most desireable, high-end and leading neighborhoods in selected luxury communities. If you're an owner of a property in one of these areas, such as Caesarea, Kfar Shmaryahu, Arsuf, Herzliya Pituah, Tel-Aviv and its shoreline, Tel-Baruch, Afeka, Tzahala, Savion, or any one of the Sharon Plain's high end villages or moshavim, our team of experts will gladly offer a non-binding, complimentary introduction and consultation session.

The professional services offered by Neot Shiran include comprehensive, personal, and ongoing discrete consultation regarding the transaction's economic feasibility, worthwhileness and timing. Additional services, solutions and information are also offered, covering all relevant aspects: finance, architecture, appraisal, taxes and legal issues.

For every property, we specialize in finding the most suitable clients relying on a sophisticated system with an international database and advanced algorithms.

Contact us and Neot Shiran's experts will get the job done efficiently and discretely.

Built area: 300 m20
Lot: 4200 m20
328 - Lot for sale in Kfar Shmaryahu
Built area: 520 m20
Lot: 1400 m20
585 - Sea Front Plot for sale Arsuf
Built area: 100 m20
Lot: 1000 m20
777 - On the cliff, facing the sea
Lot: 1400 m20
796 - In Arsuf plot for sale with open sea view
Built area: 280 m20
Lot: 700 m20
813 - For sale in Arsuf Plot with building permit
NIS 50,000,000
Lot: 1100 m20
876 - A spectacular, beachfront lot for sale in Herzliya Pituah
NIS 12,000,000
Lot: 500 m20
1437 -
Built area: 500 m20
Lot: 1000 m20
Rooms: 8 0
1011 - House for sale in Herzliya Pituah in need of renovation
Lot: 1,400 m20
1152 - 1400 m2 second line to the sea, option to build one or two villas, Arsuf
Built area: 284 m20
1397 - High End Lot Exclusively For Sale In The Sought After Neve Tzedek Tel Aviv
NIS 38,000,000
Lot: 1100 m20
1441 - Un terrain A unique plot in Herzliya Pituach close to the sea
NIS 22,000,000
Lot: 1000 m20
1442 - A 1000 sq.m. plot on a small street near Hashel Street for the construction of a villa in Herzliya Pituach
NIS 10,500,000
Lot: 500 m20
1443 - Land for sale in Herzliya Pituach for the construction of a private house in an excellent location
NIS 70,000,000
Lot: 2100 m20
1448 - Land in the best location in Herzliya Pituach
NIS 17,500,000
Lot: 720 m20
1450 - For sale in Herzliya, development of a plot for building a villa in an excellent location
NIS 23,000,000
Built area: 300 m20
Lot: 1250 m20
1476 -
NIS 9,000,000
Lot: 1500 m20
1479 - For sale a plot in an excellent location in Moshav Beit Yitzhak
NIS 22,000,000
Lot: 1400 m20
1496 - A plot of land in Arsoff close to the sea for the construction of 2 villas (in the process of obtaining a building permit)