Type of share / Designation / neighborhood Minimum plot size number of housing units building area Number of storey
Residential area A 1000 M² 2 300 M² 1 or 2
Residential area B 5000-1001 M² 2 300 M² 1 or 2
5001 M² - more 3 600 M² 1 or 2

.You can build ground-floor basement area, subject to payment of betterment tax.
. You can request a quantitative easing of 6% of the lot, subject to payment of betterment tax.
. There are lots in excess of 5000 M² which are not included in the program that allows 3 units) 600 M² main building (- lots of these can be built only 2 units in the main maximum of 300 M²
.You can build a tiled roof space area not to exceed 60% of the upper main floor, main areas.
. You can build any housing unit parking area 30 M².
. Set a minimum distance of 8 feet between the houses.
.The swimming pool can be set up in a maximum of 100 M² and 25 M² auxiliary structures.
. Construction of a basement shall be allowed only one.
.The only Room Service for basements - Basement level net 2.20 M².